Scheduled Caste Sub Plan

Development, the villages having 50% or more SC population are eligible for grants under the programme. The components of the programme are: a) Income Generating Schemes; b) Skill Development Programmes; c) Infrastructure Development & d) Monitoring and Evaluation. Fabrication of Polyhouses: Fabrication of 52 naturally ventilated polyhouses has been completed in the fields of Scheduled Caste (SC) farmers in the Bageshwar, Nainital and Almora districts of Uttarakhand. The total area of the polyhouse is 100 sq m. Vivek Millet Thresher-cum-Pearler and Agri-Canon distribution: A total of 35 units of Vivek Millet Thresher-cum-Pearler were distributed to scheduled caste (SC) farmers under SCSP Programme. On January 03, 2020, the Chief Minister, Uttarakhand distributed Vivek Millet Thresher-cum-Pearler to the SC Farmers in ICAR[1]VPKAS, Almora. 109 Agri-canons were also given to the farmers for protection of crops from monkey. Trainings for farmers Training programs on “Improved Natural Resource Management Technologies for Hilly Region” and “Mushroom Production” were organised for SC farmers. Training on Improved Natural Resource Management Technologies for Hilly Region Training programmes on Mushroom Production Distribution of 698 Small Farm Tool Kit, 161 VL Metallic Plough and 326 VL Polytunnel, 207 VL Light Trap and 131 Kg Bacillus cereus WGPSB2 Powder and seeds of improved varieties of vegetable crops, wheat, lentil to SC farmers were carried out under the Plan. Input distribution to SC farmers Under SCSP Programme, 27 polytanks were constructed in the Darima village of Nainital district. Incubation Centre – Cum - Fabrication Unit: During 2020, the 326 VL Polytunnels and 5 VL Pedal operated hand wash units were fabricated. The centre has been established to update the skill of local blacksmiths/artisans and to train the unemployed youth of the Scheduled Caste (SC) in the field of mechanization. Field visits and Kisan Goshthi-cum-Interaction meetings: A Kisan Goshthi-cum-Interaction meeting was held on 17 March 2021 in the Lakhani village of Bageshwar district under the Scheduled Caste Sub-Plan (SCSP) Programme. Dr. H.S. Gupta, Ex-Director General, Borlaug Institute of South Asia (BISA) was the chief guest of the occasion while Dr. JC Rana, Member International Agro-biodiversity was special guest in the programme. Participation in online programmes The SC farmers from different sites attended the online Kisan Mela of ICAR-VPKAS, Almora in the Experimental Farm Hawalbagh on 21 October 2020. The farmers attended the online Programme “Addressing the farmers and releasing PM Kisan money to farmers”