S.No. Forms Downloads
1 Advance for purchase of vehicle and computer PDF File
2 Annual immovable property return PDF File
3 Application for medical claim PDF File
4 Application for TA advance PDF File
5 Essentially certificate A in English PDF File
6 Essentially certificate A in Hindi PDF File
7 Essentially certificate B in English PDF File
8 Family Dependency Declaration Form PDF File
9 Form of Immovable property PDF File
10 GPF Withdrawal PDF File
11 Holiday 2023 PDF File
12 Leave forms PDF File
13 Reimbursement of Children Education Allowance PDF File
14 Return of Assets and Liabilities PDF File
15 T.A Certificate PDF File
16 Warm Clothing Advance PDF File
17 Indents for Goods PDF File
18 Application for Passport (Hindi) PDF File
19 Application for Passport (English) PDF File
20 Application Form of Nomination for Family Pension PDF File
21 Application Form of Nomination for Retirement Gratuity, Death Gratuity PDF File
22 Performa to be Submitted to PME by Authors PDF File Doc File
23 TA form for Non Official Members PDF File
24 Vehicle Indent form for outside journey PDF File
25 Vehicle Indent Form PDF File
26 Tour Programme PDF File
27 Income Tax Proforma PDF File
28 Contingent Adjustment Form PDF File
29 Pay Fixation Option Form PDF File
30 GPF Nomination Form PDF File
31 Undertaking regarding regulation of HRA Doc File
32 NPS - PAN & Aadhar Updation Form PDF File
33 Guidelines and Proforma for Institutional Award PDF File Doc File
34 Home Town declaration form PDF File
35 Reimbursement of Newspapers Purchased PDF File
36 LTC Advance Form PDF File
37 LTC Adjusment Form PDF File
38 LTC Certificate PDF File
39 Application Form for Special Cash Package in Lieu of LTC PDF File